This Spring TPIC went Quackers!

From Risby Hall and Risby Park:

They had a visit from the local paper to spread the news of their visitors:

Residents of Risby Park nursing home near Bury St Edmunds had a nice surprise when a group of local toddlers and childminders descended on the home for an Easter Activity Day.

The toddlers were treated to a variety of activities dotted around various areas of the home manned by residents and staff. They made cakes, sang songs, fed ducklings and made sandcastles. The day ended with an Easter egg hunt in the gardens. The toddlers visit the home on a regular basis, the idea inspired by Emma Gibson. Engagement Co-ordinator who once worked as a childminder herself.‘Children are so non-judgemental at that age and accept people for who they are. Most people are living with dementia yet they have so much to offer these children especially love and laughter.’
There is a happy positive energy as soon as the children arrive, they take their coats off and dash to see their adopted grandads and grandmas.
Homes Manager Moira Clare said “this has been such an enriching relationship. It really adds to our homely atmosphere as we have pets running around and then the children come. Residents seem to be transported back to when they had children themselves, their nurturing side comes out and they instinctively know how to ‘play’. The best bit is when the children sing nursery rhymes. Those residents who may not be able to speak , somehow join in and know all of the words! Seeing that is very powerful and can bring a tear to your eye.

Risby Park named their ducks:Digby, Dotty, Daisy, Dilly,Ditzy and Dandy

Risby Hall named their ducklings:Jemima, Donald, Daisy, Daffy, Crispy and Hoisin







From Prince Of Wales House:


One of our spring activities this year has been to hatch some ducklings.

The eggs arrived on a Tuesday morning and were kept them in their incubator in the activity area so that everyone could keep an eye on the progress.

The cage was set up nearby ready for the new chicks to go into. On the Thursday night the ducklings arrived and we had 5 new babies to look after. The residents have absolutely loved this experience.




From Sherrington House:

On the 21st of March our incredible eggs experience began! We were delivered 6 small duck eggs, an Incubator, a Brooder and Cage.


Over the next few days the residents were able to watch 6 beautiful ducklings hatch and watch them grow into balls of fluffiness. The residents really enjoyed looking after the ducklings and holding them and watching them learn how to swim.


The whole experience is one that everyone really enjoyed and we were really sad to see the ducklings go , however one of our residents family members did adopt two of the six duckling so we will look forward to hearing updates about how they are getting on.