Prince of Wales Residential Home

The Prince of Wales Residential Home based in Ipswich has been providing residential care of a very high quality to 49 residents for many years.
Prince of Wales Residential HomeOur home is able to support up to 49 individuals and we have a real passion for caring for those living with dementia.

The groups ethos of “enabling individuals to live as they choose” is embedded within the home. The individuals living with us are at the centre of everything we do and firmly in control of their home.
Ensuring participation and inclusion promotes wellbeing for all, resulting in an environment which is truly happy and a team that want to be there. Everyone is there to support one another as one big family.
As an organisation we put a great amount of importance on
lived experience and what people want to engage in.
Identifying activity that is meaningful is essential to reduce
any feelings of isolation or loneliness with individuals engaged
in the home in everyday activities such as washing up, peeling
vegetables & feeding animals. 

The home is situated in a residential area to the south of Ipswich.
Ipswich is a thriving market town in the heart of East Anglia,
offering various retail and entertainment facilities.

For more information please contact Home Manager
Maxine Brand.

Prince of Wales Residential Home

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